How social media has impacted lives?


Social media has become one of the most important aspects of our life. Ten years ago, one would not even have imagined that social media will someday become this essential for our lives. We are literally addicted to social media. People spend nearly one-third of their day on social media. Here are following ways in which social media has impacted our lives:

  1. Everyone has become a model: Well, there shouldn’t be an explanation to this. For a display picture everyone wants to look the best they can. This has changed in a lot of people.
  2. Most of the people have become photographers: Well, if there is so much demand for amazing photos, then the number of photographers should also increase, right? Well, yes! There is a direct impact of social media on this.
  3. Decisions are based on people’s opinions: People have started basing decisions on other people’s opinions. The individuality is on the verge of extinction.
  4. Access to information: Whatever happens in the world is on the social media. So, you need not to depend on the traditional channels to get the news. News gets to you as fast as it can!
  5. Voicing your opinion: Social media has given the power to individuals to voice their opinions. The good part is we get good opinions which makes us think in a positive direction. We get a lot of food for thought.
  6. You can stay connected: People used to lose touch with their friends. Social media has changed it. Now you can stay connected with everyone you know! Be it your childhood friend or a person you met yesterday. You can connect with anyone you know, which is a good part of social media.
  7. Play with your perspective: Social media has the power to change or build your perspective. Social media many times control your perspective. People who are less informed about something can get easily convinced by social media.
  8. Importance to less important things: Sometimes the important issues are not taken so seriously and people concentrate more on the petty issues. People blindly follow things for which a hype has been created without understanding how important it is.
  9. Trying to become someone you are not: Just to show the world how cool someone is, people try to change themselves and try to become someone they are not.
  10. Chance to show talent: Social media has given people to showcase their talent. It has given equal chance to everyone to show what they have got. This gave rise to many popular celebrities.

Social media like everything has two sides of the coin. It has its good and bad. But overall, social media is surely making the world a better place to live. It has created a huge impact in people’s lives. It surely impact everyone’s daily lives. But one should not completely depend on social media for everything. One should have an opinion of his own. One should have a life out of social media as well. Social media is like relationships, it’s a part of your life and not your life!